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Are there any real work at home jobs that don’t cost anything?

By: vernette Category: Miscellaneous

I’m looking for a job that I can do at home. Are there any real companies that hire people to do the work at home? Not looking for classes, home businesses, online surveys, or anything that costs money to work at home.

So many people are working from home. A nice listing of work at home / telecommuting jobs are available on http://www.workathomedesk.com New work at home job leads are posted frequently.

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13 Comments to “Are there any real work at home jobs that don’t cost anything?”

  1. no..
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  2. govtagent_2001 says:

    peice work you can stuff envolopes you get paid by how much you do supposely
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  3. contact me at dataentryathome.veronica@gmail.com.. theres this thing that i do it cost 14 dollars and all you do is basicly advertise.. it makes you a little bit of extra change in your pocket you prob will make hte money back fast i made my back the like first day.
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  4. moldyoldie49 says:

    I may have what you’re looking for! This business is FREE
    to join and has been rated the #1 online business for the
    past 2 years. It has been in business for over 20 years and
    is growing rapidly. No investment is required to start and the
    support system is second to none! There are countless ways
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  5. beber j says:

    I can suggets 2 good ones:
    One – they will pay you minumum $50 for giving away free electronics:
    Second – They will give you a .ws site and for each one you are bringing under you – they will pay you 10% for lifetime..
    Good luck
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  6. So many people are working from home. A nice listing of work at home / telecommuting jobs are available on http://www.workathomedesk.com New work at home job leads are posted frequently.
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  7. Steve D says:

    Here is one that is not MLM or anything.
    The only way to make money is buy a desirable product the public needs at a low price and sell it for a profit.
    My aunt had to retire and is on dialysis and could not work. She buys Micro-Fiber Towels from http://www.EazeeClean.com and sells and has returning customers b/c everyone loves these micro-fiber towels.
    I am not sure how this web-site can sell them so inexpensively, but she makes pretty good.
    Here is what she does-
    Your target customers would be Home cleaners, Janitors, Churches wanting to do fundraisers, Car detail shops.
    You could give away samples and then those customers end up buying over and over again..

    She Buys them in Bulk and resell for $5 or $6 ea
    Or sells in packages of 2 per package and sell for $10…
    (You can sell more for less effort this way.)

    She created a free web-site at Yahoo to promote.
    She got Free business cards on Vistaprint

    You can buy as little as 5 cloths to try it out…very low start-up just to see if you will enjoy it. If not, use the 5 for yourself…they work great.

    I hope this helps and good luck !…
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  8. Corinna H says:

    Yes, there are jobs that are available, but it really depends on what in peticular you are looking for. I am sending you a link for a "job" opportunity, but you will have to go through the personality test and employment process. If they want to employ you you would be able to work from home and all you need is a land line to your computer and a telephone. Good luck!{:-)
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  9. I have a distributorship for building houses & selling gifts. I pay people to find people looking to build & for finding people interested in using my gift site as a fundraiser.

    For the gift site I sell gift cards. You would get a group to fundraise & I pay either flat commisions or percentages depending on what level you wanted to get involved.

    For the home building I look for people looking to build homes. The product is panelized walls of high quality not trailer or prefabs. These are high quality wood homes. I have builder assisted programs as well. I offer a 5% commission as well. If you were to run the builder assistance programs or become a partner I would work out higher commissions with you.
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  10. Crystal D says:

    Yes, Try Willow and Alpine access.You can also go to the Good Morning America website and click on Finances and under that go to work at home success stories.
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    Good Morning America

  11. How about being a distributor for a leading US company dealing with Xangosteen Juice. You can work from home and have your own time. And make money by getting people to sign up and also others who can benefit from the product. I have seen people excel. Interested…write r2rs
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  12. stonerosedesigndotcom says:

    Of course…stuff envelopes….piece work.
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