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Should Moms Work Or
Stay At Home?

Should Moms Work Or Stay At Home?

Below is a long article I wrote almost 3 years ago. I stumbled upon it this evening on one of my Flash drives and I thought I'd share it with you. There are so many women struggling with whether they should work or stay at home. So should moms work or stay at home? Well you know what, every situation is different. Staying at home and raising my child is what I wanted to do, but I also wanted to earn a living too. I love earning my own money. So that is why I made the decision to find a balance between the two..

Work From Home!!

For other women, they just like being away from home no matter what. They need that time away from home. So there is no wrong or right answer. I was annoyed with a man who had six children with his wife and left her because she did not work. Taking care of 6 children is work. Some men are so damn ignorant...seriously. Anyway, enough of my ranting. So what do you think...should women work or stay at home? Go ahead, read my old article below. Enjoy!

With the rise of day care cost, and the fact that salaries are not on the rise, it has become extremely difficult for many families to pay daycare costs for two or more children at the same time. Also many stay-at-home moms feel guilty about not working. I certainly felt guilty. I had a strong desire to contribute to the family financially. My husband never pressured me to go out to work after having my first child, but I wanted to work. Surviving on one income in America today for the average family is extremely difficult. However, many families are living on a budget and they are surviving somehow. Just surviving is not enough for me. I wanted more for myself and family.

Many one-income families in America today do not have money set aside in case of an emergency or loss of income. This is not a good situation to be in because if the working spouse dies, gets laid off, or there is some type of emergency that shakes the family's a financial foundation, then what do you think will happen to the family? How will they survive? How long will it take the stay home parent to find a job, or start a business with positive cash flow in the event of an emergency? Does that parent have a specialized skill?
I suggest that every one-income family have a financial back up, at least a six-month emergency fund that will sustain the family in case of an emergency. At least the bills and living expenses during that period would be covered, giving the stay at home parent enough time to start a business, or job-hunt. Also, if the spouse is injured this will give enough time for recovery.

Maybe you've thought of working from home, but it seems unattainable. You might be one of those women asking the question..."Should women work or stay at home?" You don't even know where to start. You might be considering a 9-5, but deep down inside you really want to work from home. Before you think about getting a 9-5, I would really like you to consider the following:

My friend Malcolm was earning $36,950 per year, and his wife Latoya stayed home with their two small children, while their first child attended public school. After living on $36,950 for one year Latoya couldn't take the budget crunching anymore. Living on that income with three children got so suffocating for Latoya that she got a full time job outside the home. "Two incomes would definitely make a big difference," she thought.

The full time job paid $300 net weekly. That's about $19,200 gross annually. Don't you think this would actually help the family out quite a bit financially? After all, two-income families should be better off financially than one-income families. I would think so. I bet you think so too. Let's take a look and see what the results are.

Latoya's income $19,200
Social security (7.65%) $ 1,468
Public transportation ($3 per day) $ 780
Daycare cost for two children ($150 wk) $ 7,800
Buying lunch once a week ($10) $ 520
Income tax (15%) $ 2, 880

Latoya's Total Annual Income after expenses $5,752

NOTE: Latoya carries her lunch to work everyday except Fridays and eats breakfast at home before she leaves for work. If she didn't do this, it would cost her even more.
I didn't even subtract other miscellaneous items (i.e., dry cleaning) from her pay, and that's what she's left with. She is only making approximately $479 a month. Although many two-income families are getting by financially, many are barely surviving. It certainly depends on the situation, and the spending habits of the family. In this case, Latoya should consider working from home. Most people working outside the home buy their breakfast and lunch everyday. So consider that also. Latoya just happens to be very frugal and tries to save in any way she can.
Many women fall into the same trap that Latoya is in. Some just want to spend more time with the family, while others just hate the "rat race", and desperately want to get out. However, before you start looking for home employment please evaluate yourself to make sure that work from home is right for you.

Evaluate Yourself

Following are several questions you should ask yourself before deciding to work at home. If you can't answer yes to the following questions, then you are not completely ready to work from home. The questions are:

  • Do I have a computer?
  • Am I knowledgeable about the Internet and email?
  • Do I manage my time well?
  • Do I have the right attitude to work at home?
  • Am I easily motivated or do I need people around me to motivate me?
  • Am I disciplined?
  • Can I balance family, work, and everything else at the same time?
  • Am I teachable or do I like to do my own thing?
  • Am I reliable?
  • Do I prioritize?
  • Do I have a specialized skill?
  • Do I have all the equipment needed to work from home?
  • Do I love to educate myself on a consistent basis?
  • Would I be able to make enough money to pay the bills?
  • Does my spouse have health insurance coverage for the family? If not, can I afford health insurance on my own? (If you need affordable health insurance, you can receive instant quotes from 114 different companies at www.insureme.com. Just type in your information and they will match you with specific companies based on your needs.) For dental plans check out www.dentalplans.com.
  • Can I actually reduce the high cost of health insurance by joining a group health insurance plan, reduce the level of coverage, increase my deductible, pay annual premiums rather than monthly or quarterly, etc? (For more information check out National Association for the Self-Employed at www.nase.org/nase_benefits/health_benefits.asp, or American Association of Home-Based Businesses at http://www.aahbb.org.
  • Can I contribute to a self-employed 401(k) plan? (Visit www.investsafe.com to request a free information kit on the self-employed 401(k) plan for the self-employed and small business owner).
  • Can I successfully work around my children at home?
  • Can I handle waking up earlier or staying up later while the children are sleeping to meet my deadlines?

If you are focused, disciplined, have a positive attitude, highly motivated with excellent communication skills, can answer yes to the above mentioned questions, then you are ready to work from home as an independent contractor, freelance or telecommuter. If not, then you can either learn these lessons along the way or work outside the home.

It is very important that before you start working from home that you have an office set up with a good computer, phone line (you will need a second phone line for some assignments), and a fax machine. Some computers come with faxing features. Most jobs are done remotely, and the Internet is a conduit for telecommuting jobs.

I'm not saying that all telecommuting jobs are done via the computer. However, most home-based jobs require that you have a computer. In the

e-BizNews Directory

you will find a list of companies that are always hiring home-based transcriptionists, customer service reps., writers, tutors, teachers, etc. These are actually jobs that you can perform as an independent contractor. You will be hired independently, and you can work for as many companies as you can handle.

e-BizNews Directory

Vernette Carbon

Featured Mom

Eva Green's Muzzle-Keeper

Eva Green loves horses so much that it has become one of her main passions in life to keep them safe. She owns four horses and takes care of other horses too. She has created a gizmo that she wants to take to the market, but doesn't know where to start. Following are two emails she wrote to me several weeks ago. I wanted to put this on the site to show you how we can take Eva's idea and turn it into a reality. In the upcoming weeks we will work on getting Eva online and making some money.

Take a look at her email below:

From: Eva Green [mailto:eva326@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, September 29, 2008 3:11 PM
To: Vernette Carbon
Subject: muzzle keeper

Here is my gismo, on two different type of halters. The black halter is a one-piece (halter with muzzle) and the yellow halter is a regular halter with a muzzle attached to it. I have two different colors - red and black - just for the photos.

I'd like to have a "tag" sewn onto the keepers and also have pretty borders bands sewn onto them to please the eye of the buyers. Horsey people like cute things (don't know why - must be a childhood thing). I've tried sourcing those a while back, but haven't had any luck.

As far as copy right - the rule used to apply that a first publication of the item copy-righted it. I will still copy-right the design formally anyway. Once I am set with the name (your advice would be appreciated), I will buy a domain for it.

I wrote down whatever keywords I could come up with: muzzle gizmo ditching muzzle loosing grazing muzzle fat horses obese horses farrier foundered horses founder veterinarian prevent grazing equine founder horse pony

I've had several careers in my life, have adult children and grandchildren… and I'm a "horse nut", that's me in a nutshell. My four horses (3 Appys and one Arabian) are my passion. Not so much the riding - even though I love it, but the equine animal is fascinating to me. I love to watch them galloping across the large frost covered meadow at sunrise with their breath following them like steam, or observe them standing huddled in the middle of field in a snow storm instead of seeking shelter in a nearby building. Learning to understand their survival of 50 million years as a prey animal is my never ending adventure.

I live on a small horse farm and take care of horses in barter for an adorable place to live. Three years ago, one of their horses had just foundered (What is laminitis and founder?) and was very ill. Against all expectations - he lived through it and can even be ridden.

Whenever he is turned out, he has to wear a muzzle, which prevents him to eat large amounts of grass. Two out of the three horses have to wear a muzzle year round almost all year. It is in the horse's nature as would be with anyone - they want to get rid of the thing in their faces. The horse that foundered is especially vulnerable, and also creative in getting rid of the muzzle, any kind of muzzle. The owner has tried several kinds.

Over the last three years I've been trying to get the owner to let me try a "gismo" or "thingamagic" which would keep the muzzles over his mouth. Finally after he ditched the thing three nights in a row and his crest was as hard as a brick wall - she was convinced that it was necessary for an experiment, or he would founder again and most likely would have to be put down.

A hardship can now be easily avoided by simply adding the Muzzle-Keeper to the muzzle.

Our Muzzle-Keeper works. We have tried it out on all different muzzles available and had no issues. I use Velcro for any closures and therefore, if for some reason the horse would get stuck on something, the Muzzle-Keeper would be pulled apart and the muzzle released.

This keeper will save countless horses, so called "Easy Keepers" from laminitis/foundering, as well as save horse owners from having to worry about their prized horses "loosing" their muzzles while unsupervised. Many horses are turned out at night during the summer, when their owners sleep uneasy - because they may wake up in the morning to a horse standing in the pasture in the typical Laminitis stance.

We just can't watch them 24 hours a day.

The Muzzle-Keeper will let every horse owner sleep easy, go away for the day or vacation. It is easy to put on and take off - anyone can do it, and the horses stay safe and alive.

The Muzzle-Keeper design is copy righted and I will sell it for $19.95 plus shipping cost.

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