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Vernette Carbon is a happily married mother of three boys. She is also the president of a small offline business, a real estate investor, and internet marketer.

Since high school Vernette Carbon wanted to have her own business. Over a period of three years, after graduating from College in New York City, she worked at one job she loved and three jobs that she absoluted hated. She felt trapped. There was a lack of freedom, and flexibility. She longed to express her creative side, something she could do only if she had her own business.

She became fascinated with the idea of starting her own business. In 1998 she wrote a letter of resignation to her boss one month before her promotion to a higher grade level. Everyone thought that she was crazy and lost her mind to give up a secure federal government job.

At that time she owned a part time health and nutrition home-based business, and decided to pursue her business full time.

Her supervisor laughed when she told her that she was going to pursue her part time home-based business full time. Her mother was also disappointed because she gave up a secure federal government job to sell health and nutritional products. She was very happy with the move she made, but at the same time, scared to death. However she knew she would find her way somehow.

About one year later her home-based business failed. Selling weight loss tablets and vitamins door to door was not her "Cup of tea." It started out great, but after her first son was born her family relocated to Florida. She could no longer keep up with that business, and had to seek other sources of income. Her former supervisor's laugh haunted her in her sleep.

There she was in beautiful, sunny Miami, Florida with a three-month-old baby, living with her mother, along with husband, two siblings and a niece. It was one of the lowest points in her life, but she knew things would get better one day soon.

Three months after her first son was born she was bored at home, and really wanted to work. She wanted to contribute to the home financially. It was nice to be able to stay home and take care of her son, but living on one income was also frustrating.

Despite the fact that she wanted to work, she also didn't want to pay the high cost of daycare. She also didn't want to go back to the 9-5 grind that she experienced four times at four different jobs. At that time in 1999 finding a real work at home job was almost non-existent. Despite all the scams that she bought into, she was determined to successfully work from home.

Everyday after her husband left for work Vernette got on his laptop and searched, and searched the Internet looking for home-based jobs until she literally got migraine headaches. Along with her search came lots of tears, prayers, and sweat because she was tired of spending money on scams. Eventually after searching for a few months, up to 10 hours a day, sometimes with her baby in her lap, she gave up her search. However, that didn't last long because that voice within kept telling her to keep searching. And she did.

Vernette is a dreamer. She not only dreams and visualizes what life should really be like, she takes action to make her dreams a reality. Her heart goes out to all those who really want to work at home. There are many people who claim they want to work at home, but don't want to do what it takes to make it a reality. Vernette wants to help those who are willing to help themselves. She has helped so many people, and will go out of her way to help anyone who is serious about becoming an e-businessmom (entrepreneurial mom), home-based business owner or even an offline business owner.

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